Hexie tree quilt

I made this quilt for my mum for her birthday. The quilt is 106×162 cm. Everything is hand-sewn except for the bias binding – but I did make the bias binding myself.

Hexie pillow cover

I made a colourful pillow cover using lots of different fabrics. The pillow pad I used is 30×40 cm. The cover is slightly smaller so the finished pillow looks very plush.

Quilted tea cosy

I made a tea cosy loosely following a pattern I found in the newspaper. There is some really fun knitting tea cosy patterns but I wanted to experiment with quilting. The fabrics for the hexagone are from The village haberdashery The 2 sides are quilted with a different quilting patterns. The quilting make the tea…

Cot quilt in blue

I have made the little quilt from the book The Liberty book of home sewing. I have not used Liberty fabrics because that would have been too expensive but my local fabric store as a very nice selection of cotton fabrics that are beautiful and affordable. It was fun to pick a selection a 7…