Clutch bag for Spring 

I wanted to make another Tunisian crochet clutch after the one I made for my sister. I chose to make it with 4 pastel colours. While crocheting it I realised that I preferred the texture of the wrong side more, compared to the right side.   I finished by lying it with some polkadot fabric.

Hello cushion 

I had started to do the embroidery on a much darker blue polkadot fabric but I was not happy on how the “h” came out so I started again on a light blue polkadot fabric and used a different style of writing.          

Green pouf with handles 

Our sofa is quite small and we needed somewhere to put our feet up when watching television.  I found how to make a simple one in the “Liberty book of home sewing”. I did not use such expensive fabric : the black one used for the base and the liner pouf is from IKEA and…

Adding bias bending everywhere !

I am too emotionally attached to some of my clothes especially if I had bought them abroad : they remind me of my travels when I open my closet. I keep them even if they are passed the state of being worn. It is the case for a dark blue jumper I had bought in…