Hexie tree quilt

I made this quilt for my mum for her birthday. The quilt is 106×162 cm. Everything is hand-sewn except for the bias binding – but I did make the bias binding myself.

Embroidered advent calendar 2018

Since a couple of year, Martine, a French embroidery teacher, offers an advent calendar to embroider via her website and instagram. Usually she publishes the main pattern on her website a couple of days before the start of December and then publishes one motif every day in December on Instagram as well as the explanation…

Crochet pot cover

We bought plants from Best Buds in Belfast to put on a high shelve in the flat and I made some cover to hide the plastic pots of the plants. I used yarn I had left from other projects to crochet them, including disco yarn and jersey be good yarn in blue demin from Wool…

Flower necklace 

The theme for the Défi du fil this month was “flower” ! Here is my realisation. I used this tutorial to make it and crocheted two flowers instead of one !