Pom-pom clutch 

I added some pom-poms to the Lil’ hold tight clutch from Wool and the gang.  I really like the woven stitch : it feels so sturdy.  I also had a strap from on old broken bag that I can reuse with it ! 

Clutch bag for Spring 

I wanted to make another Tunisian crochet clutch after the one I made for my sister. I chose to make it with 4 pastel colours. While crocheting it I realised that I preferred the texture of the wrong side more, compared to the right side.   I finished by lying it with some polkadot fabric.

Tunisian crochet clutch 

The issue fifty seven of Mollie makes had a tutorial to make a Tunisian crochet clutch. I like how dense the stitch is. I did not fancy the embroidery pattern given in the instruction so I have found another one online and it resembles more the original Erin black’s creation! In order to prevent the embroidery threat…