Honeycomb hat 

I have knitted myself a new hat for the winter. I used a pattern from the latest Vogue Knitting magazine. I had starting the project with a beautiful hand dyed wool. However I did not like very much the color patterns produced by the yarn with the cables, it was too busy !  So I…

Men’s gloves 

3 years ago, when my husband was away for work, I had crocheted him a pair of gloves. When he came back and tried the gloves, they were too small. I was quite disappointed and it put me off of doing gloves for quite a long time. However my husband is always teasing me and…

Mini dotted rays 

Last month, I went to the yarn folk festival that was held in Whitehead in Northern Ireland. I wanted to find some yarn to make the dotted ray shawl. There was so many yarn to chose from and I purchase a few skeins.  I made the shawl with a sock yarn from Dye Candy called…

Pink Sweat sweater

As part of the KAL tricotelacommerachel, I knitted the sweater sweater from Marcelle et Clo.  I really like the lace mottif : it had interest to a simple construction.  The wool is Phil light from Phildar and the colour is called “Grenadine”. 

Dwyn shawl

The knitter magazine had published a beautiful pattern for a rectangular lace shawl a few month ago. The designer is Jennifer Wood. I had never knitted any lace before but I found the pattern too beautiful not to have a go at it ! With the help of lots of YouTube videos to explained the yarn…

Penguono jacket

I wanted to find a project to use my blue scraps of yarn. When I saw Nappy knitter post on Instagram, i wanted to do the penguono jacket in shades of blues. The pattern is from West Knits and it is very fun to make : alll the part are assembled while knitting so when you bind off the…

Wedding blanket

At our weddings, my family had asked all the guests to come with a bottle of wine and a ball of wool ! Such a great idea !  All the wool was different – different colours and different quality- and I wanted to keep it all together in a project that would remind us of…

2 bandanas = 1 shawl 

It is still quite cold and stormy in Belfast in February so I knitted a comfy and warm shawl to wait for spring to come.  I really liked the design for the “say wool be there” bandana but I knew it was going to be to small as it is and I would never wear…

Amélie dress

Another Christmas present that was given to me was the kit to knit the Amelie dress from wool and the gang.   The dress is so confortable. It is however a bit see through so I wear it on top a black top and a pair of black jeans. 

Même pas froid 

My sister offered me a really nice knitting kit for Christmas. The kit is from Peace and wool and it is to make a giant snood. I love the colour she had chosen : a beautiful green !  It is knitted with 15mm needles and the finished snood is super warm !

Pom-pom clutch 

I added some pom-poms to the Lil’ hold tight clutch from Wool and the gang.  I really like the woven stitch : it feels so sturdy.  I also had a strap from on old broken bag that I can reuse with it ! 

Joli turban

In this week In the wool for love newsletter, a pattern to knit a very cool turban was given ! This is my version. I used a mix of rest of the skin from the mandarine headband and the dark blue wool from the fair island band sweater This is my participation for Les défis du fil