Honeycomb hat 

I have knitted myself a new hat for the winter. I used a pattern from the latest Vogue Knitting magazine.

I had starting the project with a beautiful hand dyed wool. However I did not like very much the color patterns produced by the yarn with the cables, it was too busy ! 

So I started again with the left over yarn from the sweat sweater and will search a better pattern for the blue yarn. 

This hat is participation for the défi du fil 

13 Comments Add yours

  1. That hat looks fantastic! I’m sure it will be a favorite for a long Long time:)


  2. Très joli ce bonnet ! Bravo 🙂


  3. Sabrina says:

    comme ton bonnet est joli et te va bien!

    j’aime aussi beaucoup ta pelote avec les dégradés, ça va faire un chouette résultat!


  4. 33francine says:

    joli bonnet par les temps frisquet qu’on a en ce moment il va être bien apprécié


  5. Rachel says:

    Oh un bonnet moelleux ! Super sympa et quelle jolie couleur !


  6. Oooh, it looks so cosy! I think you did the right thing switching yarns… The plain colour shows off the pattern so much better!


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