Men’s gloves 

3 years ago, when my husband was away for work, I had crocheted him a pair of gloves. When he came back and tried the gloves, they were too small. I was quite disappointed and it put me off of doing gloves for quite a long time.

However my husband is always teasing me and asking for gloves every winter. 

As I started knitting since the failed crochet gloves, I decided to make another attempt and this time I knitted them.

I have been knitting some socks to get use to the magic loop technique with circular needles and I found a pattern on ravelry with good review for knitted gloves. It can be found here.

I used a skein of wool form the Wool Kitchen and after 3 years my husband has gloves he can wear ! 

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  1. Love this! I must give it a try!

    Have you tried crocheting socks? What pattern do you use?


    1. Marion says:

      I have not tried crocheting socks, only knitting them. But I saw a pattern in the latest issue of simply crochet (uk)


  2. These gloves are amazing! Your husband can’t tease you anymore:). Great job!


  3. Oh la jolie paire de gants ! Tu as super bien travaillé et cette laine à un rendu magnifique. Joli travail Bravo !


  4. MrsCraft says:

    They’re fab! 😊

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  5. Le modèle a une construction très originale.

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