Dwyn shawl

The knitter magazine had published a beautiful pattern for a rectangular lace shawl a few month ago. The designer is Jennifer Wood. I had never knitted any lace before but I found the pattern too beautiful not to have a go at it !

With the help of lots of YouTube videos to explained the yarn over between 2 purls, a purl and a knit,… I managed to knit it !

I was a bit sceptical while knitting it that my tension was not good and the pattern was not as pretty as the model but blocking did the trick and i like it now.

The yarn is alpaca from Wool and the gang


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  1. Lovely shawl. And I really like that pattern.

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  2. Ausra says:

    Vraiment très joli… Bravo !

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  3. Bricolette says:

    Very nice!!!

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  4. Verónica says:

    It’s so delicate and pretty.


  5. Tami says:



  6. Le point est magnifique, je comprends que tu ai craqué devant ce modèle. Heureusement que le blocage l’a révélé et qu’il te plait ainsi magnifié. En tout cas c’est un superbe travail Bravo !


    1. Marion says:

      Merci Thali !


  7. That is really lovely! Well done 🙂


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