Crochet pot cover

We bought plants from Best Buds in Belfast to put on a high shelve in the flat and I made some cover to hide the plastic pots of the plants.

I used yarn I had left from other projects to crochet them, including disco yarn and jersey be good yarn in blue demin from Wool and the Gang.

I bought the flowery rubans in Nantes last year without a project in mind just because there were so pretty. After a year, I thought it was a shame to keep them in a box and now I am happy to see them every day !


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  1. Such a cool idea! And your plants look great in their pretty containers.

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  2. Emma says:

    That denim yarn looks great 🙂 and those ribbons 😍

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  3. Tami says:

    What an awesome way to dress up flower pots!! 😀

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  4. What a fun way to use that yarn! You plants looked dressed and ready for the party:)!

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  5. Ils sont super beaux félicitations superbe réalisation.


  6. Rachel says:

    C’est super sympa !


  7. Bricolette says:

    j’aime beaucoup c’est vraiment chouette! quelle est cette curieuse plante à flotteur,


    1. Marion says:

      Merci ! En anglais, la plante s’appelle “string of pearls” (fil de perle) mais je n’ai pas trouvé le nom en anglais (


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