Amélie dress

Another Christmas present that was given to me was the kit to knit the Amelie dress from wool and the gang.  

The dress is so confortable. It is however a bit see through so I wear it on top a black top and a pair of black jeans. 


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  1. Elle est magnifique, une forme simple et un joli point associé à un coloris ultra lumineux, superbe travail bravo !


    1. Marion says:

      Merci Thali 😊


  2. madgeface says:

    What a cute dress! I wonder if it would be worth lining so you can wear it on it’s own? It definitely looks great the way you’ve styled it, though!


    1. Marion says:

      Thank you ! It is quite heavy already but I might consider lining it for the summer !

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      1. madgeface says:

        You could always wear a full-length slip under it too!


  3. sil says:

    Knitting and crochet is so much more intricate and time consuming compared with sewing. The ‘fabric’ is created stitch by stitch! Love the royal blue, such a great colour.

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  4. esewing says:

    What a lovely colour, looks fab , what a great Christmas pressie

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