Polar bear 

The last issue of Mollie makes had a interesting pattern to make a knitted polar bear designed by Sincerely Louise. I liked the animal heads she designs as well so making this bear was a good way to discover this designer world ! 

My bear has two colours as I used only yarn I had left over from other projects. 


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  1. esewing says:

    Love this bear, he’d make a great scarf too , like Sincerely Louise’s diplodocus.
    Was he easy to make?


    1. Marion says:

      Very easy : the explanation were very clear !


      1. esewing says:

        Perfect- he’ll make a fab Christmas gift – I do love it when the instructions are clear – l’m not the most patient of knitters !

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  2. sil says:

    Oh this is just so cute!!


  3. When I saw your photos I was sure it was one of Sincerely Louise’s patterns 🙂
    The result is beautiful, well done !!!


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