Summer pyjamas 

I have been talking of making light cotton pyjamas for all the summer but I only took the time to sew them this weekend.

After seeing the Ginghamalong organised by “did you make that ?“, I have chosen some light pink gingham fabric.

The cord is made from the wax fabric used for the bento bag and the pattern I follow is the same one I had for the tartan pyjamas expect without pockets and a smaller size.

This is my entry for les défis du fil !

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  1. Kat L. says:

    Very nice! It reminds me how much I miss my sewing machine… might add it to my Christmas wishlist as a gift for myself 😉


    1. Marion says:

      thank you ! you should definitely had a sewing machine to your Christmas list 😉


  2. sparkilyblog says:

    Very cure and summery!


  3. sparkilyblog says:

    Very cute and summery!


  4. Très joli et girly ton pyjama 😉

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  5. sabrina says:

    super sympa ton défi, bravo!

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  6. Kirsty says:

    These are lovely and summery! Well done, I love pink gingham!


  7. Love these. They look so comfy and peppy.

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  8. regina says:

    Your pink and white gingham pjs look nice and comfortable!

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