Small bag for sewing machine accessories 

It would have looked neater with white Velcro but for what the bag is used for it does not really matter. 

The explanations were in the sewing machine book and the fabric is the same as the one I used for my sewing machine cover. 

It is perfect to keep the machine cable and pedal neatly packed ! 



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  1. sewingkeepsmesane says:

    I need to make one of these!

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    1. Marion says:

      It is really easy to make : I am still scared of sewing zippers !


  2. This is a great idea – I never know where to put mine when I pack up my machine!


    1. Marion says:

      Thank you 🙂


  3. downrightme says:

    Great idea, I have a hardcover for my sewing machine but the cables and pedal do not fit in there. I would like to try out your solution if you don’t mind.


    1. Marion says:

      Glad you like it ! Of course I do not mind : It is not me who make the pattern. I hope you will find the bag useful if you make it 🙂


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